The Polar School concept

We have carefully designed every single aspect of the best school in the world. The Polar School concept is based on the Finnish education model. It includes all aspects of a high-quality school, designed to work seamlessly together. Our school concept focuses on engaging students, promoting a global mindset, and developing 21st-century skills for tomorrow. Using our school concept, you will bring a totally new level of education to your area.

Create a school of the future

The Polar School concept is a comprehensive school concept based on the world’s best educational system, Finnish education. The concept includes all the aspects of high-quality education designed and localized to your environment. The Polar School concept is an award-winning concept and has been granted the Design from Finland mark as a sign of high-quality Finnish design.

The Polar School concept has seven aspects which are all designed to work seamlessly together. The school design and set-up process are overseen by the experienced Polar Partners project management team and a body of Finnish educational experts, which guarantees high-quality results. When working with us, you have access to all the latest tools, expertise, and know-how of Finnish education through our vetted partner network.

  • World’s best school for gaining skills for the future

  • Co-designed school together with experts from both countries

  • All-in-one – Comprehensive school concept and
    project management

  • Carefully selected network of top experts

Polar School concept has been awarded with the Best Innovation of the Year 2019 as a sign of innovative and sustainable idea.

Finnish Inventors Support Association and
Finnish Junior Chamber International

Polar School concept has been granted the Design from Finland mark as a sign of high-quality Finnish design in 2021.

Association for Finnish Work

Polar School concept

The Polar School concept includes six important aspects of quality education. These educational aspects are designed to work seamlessly together with the help of our experienced project management. Learn more about the Polar School concept below.

International Finnish curriculum

Learning for life is the key — The Finnish curriculum is research-and-evidence based all the way from early childhood education to basic and secondary education. Our localized curriculum is always recognized by the Finnish National Agency for Education and by local authorities. Our schools use a digital curriculum platform that contains learning objectives, assessment guidelines, subject-specific content recommendations as well as 21st-century skills for all the subjects in Finnish education. Read more about Finnish education here.

Finnish education

Modern learning materials & software

Mix and match the best tools — There are hundreds of books and e-materials and a huge range of pedagogical software and technical equipment which are essentials for 21st-century learning. We help you to choose the right ones to create more engaging learning experiences and organize effective online teaching. The latest books and digital materials from our trusted partners are all aligned with our curriculum and the latest pedagogical and subject-specific recommendations.

Support for management & operations

Avoid classic management pitfalls — Our future-oriented leadership training program provides best practices to manage and develop a modern school anywhere in the world. We provide tools for pedagogical leadership, systemic thinking, financial planning, school branding, and marketing. Our academic planning handbook helps you to plan your school year. With our long-term license model, we support the operation, development, and maintenance of quality standards.


Certified teacher training and toolkit

Let’s focus on finding the right people — Teachers are the foundation of a school with their pedagogical knowledge and proactive mindset. We support you to recruit a great team of teachers. Our teacher training program has four modules on the Finnish education model, modern teaching, and assessment. Training is implemented with a blended approach on-site and online, over several years. Our highly professional teacher trainers guide the professional development process leading to certification from Polar Partners and our partner University.

Multi-functional school architecture

Futuristic and modern school building — A 21st-century learning environment is not just a classroom, it is the entire modern school building and educational environment with creative connections to the surrounding society. We offer you different options to choose from: from a basic school architecture master plan to an entire educational campus of your dreams. Based on decades of research, we know how to improve learning outcomes with the pedagogical design of different physical indoor and outdoor learning environments together with the latest furniture and equipment recommendations.

Student well-being and support

A healthy student is a happy student — The overall well-being of children enables good learning outcomes and makes the most of the students’ learning potential. Our school concept walks you through a school’s priorities in how to support students and build a three-tier supportive system. We train teachers, healthcare workers, student counselors and school assistants to provide students with personalized study plans, support for learning difficulties, anti-bullying methods, an individual pace for their studies, and nutritious school lunches.

Project management from Polar Partners

Our experienced project management team oversees the entire school project and guarantees quality delivery according to plan. Over the years we will help you to add new grades, grow your school profitably and visualize the transformation of your school into a modern learning complex. We assist you with the official documents, and school audits and help you with long-term school development.

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