Expert pool

Polar Partners designs schools of the future, based on the Finnish education model. Our team has years of experience in education development and we share a passion for creating a brighter future for children. Do you want to join this journey with us?

Expert pool

Are you looking for part-time or project-based work opportunities in educational development projects? In Polar Partners, we have occasional needs to find experts with specific skills and knowledge to work in our projects. The needed skills vary depending on the scope, location, language or schedule of the project.

What we would hope from you:

  • Expertise in education development and pedagogy in some of the defined areas we work in – teacher training, management training, curriculum development, online teaching, learning material development, student support services, teaching and planning.
  • Experience and understanding of Finnish education.
  • Fluent communication and written skills in English. Also other languages are needed in some projects e.g. Spanish, Arabic.
  • Ability to invoice through your own company or a light entrepreneur -company (part-time employment can be also an option).

What we offer to you, if you join our Expert Pool:

  • Interesting educational development projects with private & public institutions and NGO’s, with a team of motivated experts.
  • Possibility to be a part of 1-10 projects per year (we can’t guarantee any opportunities, if there are not suitable projects for your skill profile)
  • Part-time and fixed-term projects of 1-40 hours a week upon mutual agreement for 1-50 weeks.
  • Opportunity to work remotely.
  • Compensation from your work.

If you are interested in joining our Expert pool, please fill in your information. If we have a potential project, matching your profile, we will contact you to discuss more about your interest and availability to join our projects.

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