Start Piloting

Analyse the current state of your school or start a pilot project.

Piloting and Analysing

School development can be started with small steps. We can conduct a thorough and objective analysis to map out the current state of your school, for you to make more informed decisions in the future. You can also choose to start development with a concrete pilot of a selected aspect in your school.

Gap Analysis

With Polar Partners’ gap analysis we take a close look at the school’s management processes, software, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment practices, teachers’ skills and other critical aspect of the school, and find out if they are falling short of their full potential.

Use our gap analysis results to optimise the performance of your school. By outlining the underlying reasons, you can plan improvements, follow learning outcomes or increase the needed skills of employees. Once we have identified potential gaps, we define the necessary steps together to reach the desired level.

You will get a detailed report and proposal for the next steps, that help you to identify the future investment needs. Let’s start the development of your school together.


Pilot Project

Are you ready to pilot Finnish pedagogy and methods in your school? With the pilot you inspire your staff and students with a glimpse of the Finnish education. A small change has a big impact.

We co-design and execute the pilot project together with your school and Finnish experts. The management, teachers, students and parents are also an important part of the co-design process. Our pilot program duration is 4-6 months and it consist of five phases described in the graph below. Let’s start the process and you will see the results in a matter of months.

Examples of our pilot options:

  • Designing new learning environments
  • Active teaching, active learning
  • Learning 21st century skills
  • New pedagogy or software as a part of teaching
  • Game-based learning
  • Entrepreneurship education & real life project
invest in education
make a robot

The Process for the Pilot


Co-designing & Planning






Showcasing & Celebrating


Analysing & Reflecting

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