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Are you looking for new ways to integrate 21st century skills in your teaching? Are you struggling to find ideas for developing your school to fit the needs of future working life? Our workshops are developed to provide world class courses for teachers and school management.

All of our workshops are held by Finnish education experts and they are built around common challenges and inspiring stories that schools around the world are facing everyday. We cover a chosen topic during an inspiring day, leaving everyone involved feeling future oriented, engaged and motivated.

Our most popular workshops are listed below. Most of our workshops are 1-2 days long and it can be organised in Finland or at your school. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll customise a workshop to cover all topics and outcomes you are looking for.

Examples of our workshops:

  • Basics of Finnish education
  • Best practices of school management and leadership
  • Modern assessment – learning for life, not for tests
  • Future megatrends
  • How to teach 21st Century skills

Study Visit to Finland

Our study visits to Finland are designed for educators who are looking for opportunities to cooperate and exchange ideas with Finnish education experts.

The study visit includes an orientation in the Finnish education system, several school visits and deep dive workshops by Finnish experts on chosen topics of Finnish pedagogy. The participants explore the secrets of Finnish education system in person and get to understand the factors influencing its success.

We will guide you through the study visit, answer all your questions and help you to plan the next steps after the visit.

Example of a Study Visit to Finland

1. DAY

Orientation Day
Basics of Finnish education

2. DAY

Early Childhood Education & Basic Education
Engaging visits to Finnish kindergarten and primary school

3. DAY

Secondary Education & Vocational School
Equally interesting options for the future careers

4. DAY

Workshop Day
Deep dive to chosen topics

5. DAY

Reflection and Planning
How to implement the ideas back home?

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