Polar School Concept

Develop a full Finnish based school in your country. All aspects of a school and the best experts to work with are available through a single contact - Polar Partners.

Modular School Concept

Our modular K-12 Polar School concept is based on the Finnish Educational model. It includes over 200 aspects, all designed to fit together seamlessly and providing the same world class results as a Finnish school. All the aspects are designed and localized in close co-operation with a team of Finnish and local experts. The design and delivery process is managed by Polar Partners and the services are provided by our vetted network of partners, who represent the best Finnish educational expertise. Our Polar K-12 school concept has been awarded with Design from Finland – label.

design from finland

The first Finnish International School (FIS) was opened in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2019. The school was designed by Polar Partners and our network of Finnish educational partners together with the Georgian team.

Read more about the project from our blog post: Finnish International School

Content of the Polar School Concept

Teacher Training

Every country is full of great teachers and they are the core of every school. Polar Partners will help you recruit and train them in accordance with the Finnish educational values and didactic methods. All teachers are educated and trained alongside their work for a number of years to master all the latest research based methods of teaching and learning.

Management Training

School management is the foundation of everyday school life. We train principals and managers to make decisions and use pedagogical leadership skills, which support modern teaching and learning activities in the school.

21st Century Curriculum and Content

The Finnish International Curriculum can be localised for any country. It teaches the skills our children need in the future. Together with curriculum-aligned content, the learning process is versatile and student-centric.

Architectural Design

Based on decades of research we know how to improve learning outcomes with a pedagogical design of different physical learning environments: indoors and outdoors with creative connections to the surrounding environment and society.

Digital Learning Environment Design

We make learning more engaging and individual with the latest pedagogically vetted, select software and devices.

Student Support Services

The Finnish education model has dozens of ways of providing more support or more challenges to an individual student. They range all the way from personalised study plans and support mechanisms for learning difficulties to systems for faster individual pace of studies.

Designing a Complete Premium K-12 School

1st Project
Preparation Phase

Feasibility study and a project plan
(3 months)

2nd School Design Phase

Teacher training, learning environments, curriculum and content design
(1 year)

3rd School Operation Phase

Start of the school
(1 year)

4th School Development Phase

Continuous development with latest methods
(4 years)

5th Premium School

All 200 aspects working seamlessly

Delivery of the Polar School Concept

1. Project Preparation

We start our co-operation by inviting you to Finland for a study visit to experience the Finnish education. Then we conduct a thorough feasibility study in your location to go through all 200 aspects of setting up a Finnish styled school. Based on this information we create a detailed project plan on how to setup a new school or to develop your current school.

2. School Design & Setup

Polar Partners manages the setup process with your team and selected professionals from our network of over 2 500 experts of Finnish education. The school can be set up in phases, a few grades at a time. We are committed to a holistic school design to make sure the school has all the critical aspects of a Finnish-style school, and that everything fits together and are delivered smoothly.

3. School Operation

Polar Partners supports the school management in teaching & assessment practices, latest content, software and stakeholder communication. We have various levels of partnership to fit your needs and future vision. Annual school quality control are our way of ensuring you operate a Finnish based school with the highest standards.

4. School Development

All great schools embrace continuous development. We bring in the best pedagogical models based on the latest research and technology, and we support the staff in life-long learning through professional development. We’ll continue development based on our partnership model.

5. Premium school

After 5 years of development we have implemented all the aspects of Finnish education with you and reached the level of a Premium level school.

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