Rwandan-Finnish vocational education and training

Mapping out energy industry focused vocational training needs and partners in Rwanda

This goal of this feasibility study was to explore the opportunities to create a multi-stakeholder partnerships between Rwanda and Finland for the energy focused vocational education and training.

The need for a permanent vocational education and training center has been identified earlier and the vision is supported by the Rwandan and Finnish stakeholders from the energy sector, private companies and education sector.

Country: Rwanda
Actions:– Analyzing the current needs in energy industry focused vocational education
– Mapping partners and building network
– Visits to Rwanda
Results:– Overall understanding about the energy sector
– Identifying the future skill gaps and employability needs
– Finding partners with the same vision
Period:May 2019 – December 2019

Polar Partners team conducted a field study in Rwanda

The long term vision was to create a energy industry focused vocational education and training centre with multi-stakeholder cooperation. The challenge is to create a sustainable and beneficial model for the collaboration that will prosper in the future.

The project included three phases:

  1. A desk study of the current vocational skill gaps, future trends and current Rwanda stakeholders in vocational education and competence development sectors.
  2. Field study in Rwanda including meetings with several educational institutions, chambers of commerce, development agencies, Ministries and companies.
  3. Final report and a project plan how to create a permanent Rwandan – Finnish vocational and business development centre in Rwanda.

Partners in the project: Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK), Finnpartnership and Fortum Oyj.

Project manager: