Project preparation and feasibility study in Costa Rica

Analysing a recently launched school in Costa Rica

Polar Partners project management team conducted a Phase 1: Project preparation and feasibility study with the aim of assessing the viability of developing an existing school in Costa Rica to the Finnish International School model in the future.

Country: Costa Rica
Size of the project:New private school with over 50 students and 8 teachers
Actions:– Study about how to implement Finnish International School concept to Costa Rica
– Mapping existing school, infrastructure, teachers & staff, skills and need for development
Results:– Clear vision for the future
– Plan for future development
– Curriculum approval process clearer
Period:April 2019 – July 2019

The goal was to create a clear vision for the future 

The goal for the Phase 1. Project preparation & Feasibility study is to create a broad understanding about the country and create a project plan of Phase 2: School design and set-up of the desired Finnish International School in Costa Rica.

Our study was performed online and in Costa Rica. The study included for example a PPEST-analysis with pedagogical, political, social, economic and technological environment aspects, as well as market analysis and competitor analysis. The analysis was conducted via interviews of wide range of stakeholders (principal, teachers, parents, national governmental institutions, national education institutions, NGO’s and private sector), reviews of documents and several workshops with the Client. Our team also observed the school facilities and in the classrooms during lessons.

As a result our team and the client gained a deeper understanding both in terms of the rationale for setting up the first Finnish International School (FIS) in Costa Rica and the priorities, challenges and added values for the future school. Our project management team created a timeline and budget framework for the school establishment process for the Phase 2.

Maria presenting Finnish education to school teachers and staff.
Both team Polar Partners and team Costa Rica.