Online teacher training about Finnish education

Finnish partners

Modern teaching methods to Pakistan

Online teacher training about Finnish education-project’s main goal was to introduce the key aspects of Finnish education, modern teaching methods and how to implement new pedagogical model to own work.

Client was one of the biggest teacher training institutions in Pakistan which operates in different cities. They wanted to inspire and educate their teachers and teacher trainers with a series of short online training about selected topics of Finnish education.

Country: Pakistan
Number of participants:Over 100 teachers and teacher trainers
Actions:– Introducing online learning
– Introducing selected topics about Finnish education
– Training and mentoring about teaching methods
Results:– Teachers’ learnt more about Finnish education and modern teaching
– Teachers’ overall pedagogical thinking increased
– Participants got more ideas and examples to their teaching and teacher training
Period:December 2018 – March 2019

Polar Partners Finnish experts focused in practical approach

The online teacher training included a few selected topics about Finnish education such as basics about Finnish education, Classroom management and Teaching methodologies. Every training was held by a selected Finnish expert. 

The online teacher training model had an practical approach to learning and personal development. Each topic was introduced through theory and real-life examples from the classroom and all the topics included pre-assignment, two live-webinars (training and Q&A session) and a development task to each participant. Each participant created a plan for a small development pilot in their work for example in their lesson planning, with students or in teacher training and piloted it in the following 1-2 weeks. Some of these development tasks were introduced in the Q&A live-webinar 1-2 weeks after the first one, where participants had a chance to ask more questions about the topic. 

The online teacher training focused on:
1. Finnish education – What are the best practices and how to implement new methods to own work.
2. E-learning – Learning new ways to use technology in the working environment.

Polar Partners’ Finnish partners in the project: PedaNow, ALOFinland, and a few Finnish teachers.