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Introducing a modern digital dashboard for teachers, to connect curriculum and all educational resources in one place, plan lessons easily and start using plenty of inspiring teaching methods from Finland. Get to know Polar Hub and start to connect all your education technology to one dashboard.

Polar Hub – connecting all education technology

Polar Hub dashboard allows you to connect your curriculum with other digital tools and create easy-to-use lesson plans for teachers, ensuring a smooth and effective learning process for your students. With Polar Hub, you can connect all your favorite digital resources for teaching, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest educational tools.

Our dashboard offers real-time tracking, enabling you to monitor the progress of all your teachers and students. As part of our award-winning Polar school model, Polar Hub provides you with the best practices of Finnish education. With a single sign-in Polar Hub is the dashboard for education in your school! 

  • Plan teaching according to your curriculum

  • Connect favorite digital resources

  • Easy-to-use lesson plans

  • Real-time tracking of learning progress

Dashboard to support learning -You can do all lesson planning in one place

Benefits for managers

Polar Hub dashboard empowers your school to use curriculum easily and effectively online, it is not a file covered with dust on your shelf. Now you can connect your curriculum with other digital tools and help your teachers to create easy-to-use lesson plans with a focus on learning objectives. This will ensure a smooth and effective learning process for your students. Polar Hub offers real-time tracking, enabling you to monitor the progress of all your teachers and students. With a single sign-in Polar Hub is the dashboard for education in your school!

Benefits for teachers

Polar Hub dashboard allows teachers to do all their lesson planning in one place using their curriculum. The multiple learning objectives and skills can now be scheduled and followed more easily with the planning tool. A modern user interface allows one to see the annual plan and create inspiring lesson plans, using hundreds of ideas created by other teachers. Polar Hub can be used as a daily tool to show and discuss with the students what is being learned and how to keep on learning at home.

Benefits for students

Learning based on Finnish education is inspiring and student-centered. By using active learning and varying learning methods, students are more likely to stay motivated and focused in school. Deep learning is key for academic success and is needed for the 21st-century skills; systemic thinking, collaboration, media literacy and problem-solving. Polar Hub enables students to see their skills develop everyday and over a long period of time. 

  • Learn in fun and engaging ways 
  • Create ideas and designs 
  • Work independently, and in various teams 
  • Develop knowledge, skills and grit to solve challenging problems 
  • Learn how to use technology in everyday life 
  • Ask for more support or challenges, according to the needs 
  • Understand and see all the skills learned   

Start with 5 easy steps

1. Upload your curriculum

2. Connect to resources

3. Gain new content

4. Create lesson plans

5. Learning progress

  • 1. Upload your curriculum

    Upload your curriculum to the platform and connect it with users and other data.

  • 2. Connect to resources

    Use your favorite tools and learning management system from one dashboard without limits. Connect current digital learning materials to your subjects and lessons.

  • 3. Gain new content

    Enhance your curriculum with fresh ideas and methods for teaching from free or premium content suggestions for each learning objective of the curriculum. You can also use your existing content and start creating your own.

  • 4. Create lesson plans

    You can start to create your own lesson plans based on the learning objectives of your subject or gain dozens of new ideas for your lessons and teaching methods from our existing lesson plans, made by other teachers. Decide how you would like to proceed as a school. Polar Hub encourages to share all created content and inspire other teachers with fresh ideas.

  • 5. Learning progress

    After months of active use of Polar Hub, you can start to observe how subject specific learning objective’s of the curriculum are met during the months / in a year. Dashboard will show you the progress visually.

FREE Polar Hub pilot version

  1. Select 5-10 teachers & 2 subjects
  2. Use Polar Hub for 1-4 weeks
  3. Share your feedback with us

As a pilot customer, you will gain a -75% discount for the next 3 years, for only 0,50€ / user / month (normal price 1,99€)

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