Free demo workshop – Engage and activate your learners: Practical tips for live and online sessions

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Do your learners seem demotivated or distracted? Is it difficult to bring out answers or discussion? Are you looking for ways to activate your group during online or live sessions? 

We are launching Innovative Finnish Educator 1 facilitated online course in June 2023 for educators all over the world looking to develop their 21st century teaching competencies. The course provides you with research-based, inspiring and, practical ways to develop your pedagogical thinking and understanding and provide you tools for learning-centered teaching, classroom management and, assessment based on the best practices of Finnish education.

Notice that Innovative Finnish Educator 1 is having the first workshop Course kick-off & Role of the Teacher in strengthening student motivation on 15.06.2023 so the last day to purchase the paid course will be 13.06.2023. There are still a few places left!

Join now for our FREE demo workshop to get a sneak-peak into the methodology employed in the Innovative Finnish Educator 1 course. During the demo workshop you will learn how to increase learner engagement and participation during both live and online sessions. In this collaborative session, you’ll experience in practice how the methods and tools work, and you’ll get a chance to learn the best practices from other trainers and teachers.

Our pedagogical expert, Sanna Ax, is delighted to host this FREE demo workshop. The workshop will be held online on Thursday, June 8, at 17:00 – 17:45 Helsinki time zone (EEST). The webinar duration is 30 minutes, with an additional 15-minute period dedicated to Q&A. You will also hear more about the Innovative Finnish Educator 1 course and get direct sign-up instructions.