Early Childhood Education

High quality early childhood education has the biggest impact on the development of a child’s learning skills in the future.

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Early Childhood Education Concept

With Polar Partners’ early childhood education concept, children are encouraged to learn through collaboration, sports and play. Creating strong social skills and curious attitude towards new ideas form the foundation for a healthy self-esteem and positive ground for life-long-learning. Our early childhood education concept is divided into three themes: learning environments, curriculum and teaching & assessment methods.

Functional learning environments

Our modern kindergartens have pedagogically designed environments for rest, play, crafting and social interaction. Children spend a lot of time at healthy play in the outdoor playgrounds and explore the surrounding world and society, safely with the teachers.

Learning is supported by age-appropriate digital solutions, which result in deeper learning through repetition, playful curiosity and memorisation.

Curriculum for early childhood development

Early childhood education curriculum is designed to support age-appropriate skills of the child. Basic social skills, friendliness and communication are rehearsed through collaborating and playing with other children.

The weekly schedule consists of learning projects where children can design and create, and solve practical problems. Failure and success are a part of learning and they bring along a healthy self-esteem, curiosity and respect for others.

Teaching and assessment methods for a developing child

An early childhood educator introduces the basics of the academic subjects through exploring the surrounding world, asking questions and seeking answers through guided play and activities.

All educators know how to use age-appropriate practises and they are trained in the development process of a child. Children are assessed with verbal feedback and positive encouragement instead of grades. Every child is supported according to their specific needs.

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