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Our goal is to teach students the critical 21st century skills.

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Basic Education Concept

With our basic education concept, the students get to practice various 21st century skills while studying academic subjects. This is possible with the world’s first competence-based basic education curriculum from Finland. Combining academics and skills results in meaningful learning experiences and better academic success. Our basic education concept is divided into three themes: learning environments, curriculum and teaching & assessment methods.

Activating learning environments

Research-based architectural design is aligned with the pedagogical decisions of the school, enabling better learning results. Innovative and adaptable classrooms with mobile furniture can be rearranged to fit different needs.

Lessons take place at school, but the curriculum also includes visits to other environments such as libraries, companies, forests and local sights. Using the latest technology the learners can advance at their own level with games, connect globally with experts and peers with video conferencing, and explore all corners of the earth in virtual reality.

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Competence-based curriculum

Academic subjects are learned through theory and practical projects. Students are provided support, challenges and options for studies to personalise their own skillset and learning paths.

All subjects include many 21st century skills, such as creativity, media literacy, entrepreneurial skills, ICT & programming, communication skills and cultural awareness.

Teaching and Assessment Methods for individual support

Teachers can focus on supporting the students with active teaching methods such as phenomena-based learning, problem-based learning or flipped learning. Teaching and learning happens in co-operation with other students and the surrounding society.

Learners receive continuous formative assessment and feedback on both skill and academic development. Young children under 10 years are not assessed by grades but with verbal feedback and counselling from teachers.

Individual learning outcomes are assessed according to the goals of the curriculum, not compared to the performance of other students.

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